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Cleburne County Genealogy

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Cleburne County Alabama History and Profile:

Cleburne County is a county of the U.S. state of Alabama. Its name is in honor of Major General Patrick Cleburne, of Arkansas. As of 2000 the population was 14,123. Its county seat is Heflin.

Cleburne County was established on December 6, 1866, by an act of the state legislature. The county was made from territory in Benton (now Calhoun), Randolph, and Talladega counties. In 1867, Edwardsville was made the county seat. An election was held in 1905 to move the county seat to Heflin. The result of that election, which agreed to move the seat, was appealed to the Supreme Court, who decided on July 1, 1906, to uphold the election results. Heflin is still the county seat.

Source: Wikipedia.


The Cleburne News
P.O. Box 67
Heflin, AL 36264
Phone (800) 408-2872 or (256) 463-2872
Fax (256) 463-7127

Anniston Star
P.O. Box 189
Anniston AL 36202-0189

Cities and Towns of Cleburne County, Alabama:

* Edwardsville
* Fruithurst
* Heflin
* Ranburne
* Hollis Crossroads


Cleburne County Government

Cleburne County Courthouse
406 Vickery Street
Heflin, AL 36264
(256) 463-5655

Cheaha Regional Library
935 Coleman Street
Heflin, AL 36264

Lucile L. Morgan Public Library
541 Ross Street
Heflin, AL 36264

Cleburne County Historic Places

Cleburne County Courthouse

John Morgan House

Shoal Creek Church

Cleburne County Genealogy Resources

Cleburne County Alabama GenWeb Site

Cleburne County USGenWeb Archives

Cleburne County Genealogy page at KindredTrails

Cleburne County Historical Society
120 Vickery Street Rm 105
Heflin, AL 36264

Vital Records

Cleburne County Clerk
120 Vicery Street
Heflin, AL 36264
Phone: (256) 463-5655

If you are outside the state of Alabama and are looking to request copies of vital records you must contact the statewide office of vital records:

Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery, AL 36103-5625
(334) 206-5418
Fax: (334) 262-9563

You can also call (334) 206-5418

There were no birth certificates prior to 1908, some counties may have recorded births in a ledger howeer. One way to search this centrally is by contacting:

Department of Archives and History
624 Washington Ave
Montgomery, AL 36130
(334) 242-4363

Birth and Death Records have been recorded in Alabama since 1908, Marriage Records since August 1936 and Divorces since 1950.


Tax Records


USGS listing of Cemeteries in Cleburne County

Cleburne County Cemetery Transcriptions
Cemetery Transcriptions (Although both are usgenweb this seems a slightly different listing.)

Query Forums

Genealogy Forums can be a great way to find other people that are researching the same ancestors as you are. Even if they may be not be researching the same direct line but related lines you may find information that is useful in your own research. Make sure to verify any other research that you add to your own research and try to document it well. If asking questions in genealogy forums it is good to provide as much information as possible and in the subject of the posting try to give name and a date or range of dates to help make your query more likely to be found. Posts with titles like “looking for family” or “help!” are too generic and something along the lines of “John Smith b. abt 1828 md. Hannah Jones” would be more helpful to get your post read by those that are interested in the John Smith/Hannah Jones family.

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